Not Your Time

         Right now might be a grooming season for you. Right now might not be your time to blossom. Everybody in life is living on a different time scale. In saying that, I mean that ever person reaches their dreams or their definition of "success" at a different time. You can't look at the person next to you and compare yourself to them. Don't compare yourself to ANYBODY. You are in your own lane. Some people reach their peaks at 50+ years old. You might make your first million at 60... but guess what? YOU DID IT! Stop watching everybody around you & FOCUS ON YOURSELF. Your path is all that matters. Not everybody has the same path 






like what I'm saying? tired of people hating on you?

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  • Yes, well said.

    Cassandra Keller
  • You’re absolutely correct you speak truth God bless you.

    Victoria Harris

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